BTS member Jimin's solo music video has hit the 100 million view mark.

As of 1:44 PM on July 30th, the YouTube views for the music video of 'Set Me Free Pt.2', a track from Jimin's first solo album 'FACE', surpassed 100 million views.

'Set Me Free Pt.2' has garnered considerable love, achieving the number one spot on the iTunes 'Top Songs' chart in 110 countries/regions, number one on Japan's Oricon 'Weekly Digital Single Ranking,' and even placing 30th on the Billboard 'Hot 100' singles chart (as of April 1st).

'Set Me Free Pt.2' is a song with a resolute will to shake off various inner feelings of pain, sorrow, and emptiness, and to move forward freely. The song is greatly amplified by the powerful brass, drum lines, orchestral sounds, and choir harmonies, creating a majestic atmosphere.

The music video captures the resolve to overcome wandering and pain even within constraints, through dynamic direction that blends various camera angles, movements, and lighting.