'Human Vitamin' Chuu (CHUU) is set to create 'KKOTI' with her fans.

On the 28th, ATRP, her agency, announced, "Chuu's official fandom name has been confirmed as 'KKOTI.'"

Chuu began stirring attention by sequentially posting on her official SNS channel since July 21st. It started with a mysterious video featuring the storytelling of the official fandom name, followed by teaser images that revealed her connection with her lightstick, KUKAA.

Chuu's official fan club name, 'KKOTI,' means 'home' in Finnish, symbolizing a garden that protects the roots and flowers. The flowers symbolizing the official lightstick 'KUKAA' are gathered in the 'KKOTI' space, representing Chuu's fans who stand together.

The official lightstick 'KUKAA' carries the Finnish meaning of 'flower,' signifying the existence that has taken root in 'KKOTI' and is the master of this space.

Chuu, with her honest and straightforward charm and wholesome image, represents the MZ generation. She has been sweeping through advertisements and is showing a strong presence in various entertainment shows and content, continuing her trend-leading footsteps.