BTS Jin's "Super Tuna" has surpassed 46 million streams on the world's largest music platform, Spotify. The music video also continues its hot streak, surpassing 87 million views.

Jin's self-produced song 'Super Tuna' recently exceeded 46 million streams on Spotify. As of the afternoon of July 18, it recorded 46,535,624 plays.

"Super Tuna" is an impromptu song created by Jin, who has a hobby of fishing, during an actual fishing trip. It was a surprise release for fans two years ago on his birthday.

After its release, "Super Tuna" with its catchy melody, bright and cheerful atmosphere, and easy-to-follow dance moves became a huge issue on TikTok. It followed in the footsteps of the most popular children's channels like Pororo, Baby Shark, Pinkfong, Kokomong, Pengsoo, and even Teletubbies all taking part in the 'Super Tuna' dance challenge.

Not only that, but numerous local governments in Korea, including the South Korean Embassy during the week, the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Seoul City, Chungju City, Gunpo City, Daejeon Yuseong-gu, Seoul Songpa-gu, Pyeongtaek City, and others like the Korea Tourism Organization, Daegu Culture Broadcasting also participated in the challenge. This created a global syndrome enjoyed by various age groups and occupations worldwide.

"Super Tuna", a song that reflects Jin's passion for fishing and his hope for a full catch, is composed of a fun rhythm and witty lyrics that anyone can easily follow.

The "Super Tuna" special performance video uploaded on the BTS YouTube channel "BANGTANTV" surpassed 10 million views within just one day of its release, proving Jin's massive global popularity as it became the most-watched video in the world.

The "Super Tuna" music video continues to increase in views, surpassing 87.16 million views as of 7 AM on July 19.

In the behind-the-scenes of Jin's personal photo album "Sea of JIN Island", released through the official BTS YouTube channel "BANGTANTV", the story of "Super Tuna" production was introduced. Jin shared with fans the process of drawing a tuna picture on the t-shirt he wore in the music video, and the story of choreographing the dance, gaining explosive interest and love from fans.

In a Weverse magazine interview, Jin said, "I thought it would be nice if ARMYs (fan club name) could listen to this song, look at me, and enjoy themselves to their heart's content. In the end, I felt, 'it's good because the ARMYs like it'. Seeing them enjoy it made me have fun too. I was satisfied."

"Super Tuna", with Jin's refreshing and adorable expressions and lovely choreography, has received high praise and interest. From its production, it has been a joyous gift song for global fans. In response, fans continue to send their unwavering love, making Jin's unique and unstoppable popularity felt.