Coldplay, the band behind BTS member Jin's first solo single, 'The Astronaut,' showcased a unique affection towards Jin, stirring emotions among global fans. Coldplay's lead vocalist and frontman, Chris Martin, recently praised Jin at a concert held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

American entertainment news outlet Allkpop reported the news under the headline, "Chris Martin expresses gratitude to Jin during Amsterdam Coldplay concert". The publication revealed, "Jin and the members of Coldplay have fostered a strong friendship over the past two years. Chris and Jin's relationship has grown incredibly strong and they've remained in close contact even before Jin's military enlistment. Chris mentioned that 'My Universe' was also Jin's idea, and Jin has developed a close relationship with Chris Martin, the iconic leader of Coldplay. The song they collaborated on, 'The Astronaut,' is Jin's heartfelt expression of his deepest inner emotions to fans."

The article continued, "Before his enlistment, Jin gifted Coldplay various 'Uddeu' patches and dolls (an alien character created as part of 'The Astronaut' promotion). This cute alien has now become a symbol for Coldplay and is making its presence felt on almost every concert stage. Proudly wearing the Uddeu patch on his clothing, Chris also hands them out as gifts to fans, expressing his love."

According to the news outlet, "During the Amsterdam Coldplay concert, Chris saw a cheering sign that read 'I get heaven to myself when I'm with Coldplay' (a quote from 'The Astronaut' lyrics) and immediately sent a cheer to Jin, with Coldplay's staff even snapping a picture of the sign. 'Ok that's beautiful. We give a shout-out to Jin of BTS with that sign!' "

The article mentioned that fans are melting over the precious bond between Chris and Jin, and everyone is eagerly anticipating their reunion.

The strong friendship between Jin and Coldplay continues, as evidenced by Chris Martin's Instagram. When Jin's 'The Astronaut' was selected as one of Rolling Stone's Best Songs of 2022, Chris was one of the first to congratulate him. In the announcement for the legendary TV show SNL live performance, he used a hashtag of Uddeu, the character created by Jin, and through an interview video where he said "I really love that guy," he did not hesitate to praise Jin, shining a light on the friendship between these two century-defining artists. Coldplay has also always brought the Uddeu doll to their world tours and other performances, expressing their affection for Jin.

Whenever referring to Jin, Chris Martin fondly calls him 'Worldwide Handsome' and has even gifted Jin a guitar that he has been playing for over a decade, demonstrating his undying affection for Jin. The meeting between Jin and Coldplay has been nothing short of fantastic. The sincere friendship glimpsed between these two global superstars has deeply moved music fans, causing a massive response.