The group ENHYPEN is set to take on an immersive escape room game in their self-produced variety show 'EN-O'CLOCK.'

ENHYPEN (Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Ni-ki) will undertake an escape room challenge in the 61st episode of 'EN-O'CLOCK,' to be released at 9 pm on the 13th through their official YouTube channel and Weverse. Splitting into groups of three, they will tackle puzzles within a set time frame, demonstrating their robust teamwork honed over time.

ENHYPEN displays distinct personalities as they solve problems. Jungwon's head-on approach, Heeseung's strategy of exploiting gaps in the escape mechanisms, Jay's dogged persistence, Jake's guessing tactics, Sunghoon's whimsical 'eye contact' attempts, Sunoo's polite greetings to portraits, and Ni-ki's quick situational assessment all contribute to a spectrum of escape strategies.

In order to succeed in the escape room, ENHYPEN will be pooling their intellect and working cooperatively, boosting the immersive nature of the game. When a new puzzle solver comes in, they ensure a detailed handover to improve understanding. They employ collective intelligence, such as noting down deciphered codes others have cracked, steadily closing in on the correct answer. The question of whether the members can escape from the room within the time limit is raising intrigue.

'EN-O'CLOCK' can be found every Thursday at 9 pm on ENHYPEN's YouTube channel and Weverse.