On June 22, BLACKPINK's Lisa and NCT's Taeyong found themselves at the center of online chatter when a fan forum scrutinized their seemingly coordinated Instagram posts, fueling dating speculation.

In a lively fan debate titled "BLACKPINK's Lisa & NCT's Taeyong: Lovebirds or Coincidence?", a participant drew attention to a series of photographs on the idols' Instagram pages. They presented a compelling, if circumstantial, case: the duo's posts featured uncannily similar content - the same phone cases, identical landscapes, and remarkably parallel fashion choices.

The poster coined this perceived online synchrony as Lisa and Taeyong's "Lovestagram," a popular term for when two individuals - presumed to be romantically involved - post closely mirrored images on Instagram. This practice has long been a point of contention and intrigue in the K-pop world, where fans scrutinize idols' every social interaction for possible romantic connections.

BLACKPINK Lisa & NCT Taeyong Dating? Stans Review Idols' 'Lovestagrams'

BLACKPINK Lisa & NCT Taeyong Dating? Stans Review Idols' 'Lovestagrams'

BLACKPINK Lisa & NCT Taeyong Dating? Stans Review Idols' 'Lovestagrams'

However, the notion of Lisa and Taeyong as a romantic item was met with considerable skepticism in the fan community. Some found the speculation ludicrous, while others brought up the height difference between the two idols. Here are some representative comments:

"It's absurd to imagine Lisa with Taeyong!"

"Can't we give Lisa some peace?"

"Lisa could aim higher."

"Why would Lisa date someone shorter? Clearly, you're a Taeyong fan."

"This photo of Lisa and Taeyong was officially released by NCT's account for Taeyong's LOEWE campaign. Besides, Lisa is taller."

Critics also denounced the discussion as an attempt to breed unwarranted negativity towards Taeyong. Fans rallied to his defense, arguing that his personal life should remain just that - personal. They also challenged the societal bias against women dating shorter men.

"There's an apparent agenda to paint Taeyong negatively."

"The pictures don't prove anything. Still, Taeyong and Lisa do seem to vibe."

"This site seems desperate to stir up hatred against Taeyong. It's disappointing."

"It's clear that the poster is a solo stan trying to incite hate by sharing irrelevant posts."

"Whether it's true or not, dating a shorter man is not a crime. I'd rather have my bias with a shorter, decent man than with someone who has a criminal past."

"In many Asian cultures, a couple like Zendaya and Tom or Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner would be unthinkable due to the insecurities of many men here."