BTS continues to stake its claim as one of the world's leading music groups, with several members' works appearing in the "Best Songs and Albums of 2023 So Far," selected by notable international media.

On June 13, U.S. media outlet Complex included J-Hope's "on the street (with J. Cole)" in their "Best Songs of 2023" list. They praised the track, saying, "Korean pop star J-Hope and rap legend J. Cole showcase exceptional storytelling skills in this song, bridging cultural differences between the two talented artists."

Suga's solo album 'D-DAY', released under his stage name 'Agust D', and its title track 'Haegum' made the list of 'The 40 best songs of 2023 so far' released by LA Times. The song was described as "throwing ambiguous questions at the young generation bound by various constraints and internet culture."

The esteemed music magazines Rolling Stone and Consequence of Sound also included Suga's 'D-DAY' as one of 'The Best Albums of 2023 So Far'. Rolling Stone highlighted that "'D-DAY' consists of 10 tracks that explore the concept of freedom through lyrics and music," while Consequence of Sound called it "the third work released by Suga as 'Agust D' and his first full-length project, marking his most complete work."

Rolling Stone included Jimin's first solo album 'FACE' and its title song 'Like Crazy' in both its 'Best Albums' and 'Best Songs of 2023 So Far' lists. The magazine described Jimin as appearing "eager to embrace the image he has built over more than a decade in the global spotlight." They further noted that "Jimin often seemed the member of BTS most musically close to classic R&B. This chart-topping, heart-melting single gives a dreamy, soulful, yet thrilling feel."

Billboard, on June 22, included 'Like Crazy' from 'FACE' in 'The 50 Best Songs of 2023 So Far: Staff Picks', noting that "at least until Jimin topped the charts, the K-pop phenomenon in the U.S. was predominantly group-led. BTS member Jimin rewrote history as the first Korean solo artist to top Billboard's 'Hot 100' with this bristling, melody-rich dance-pop track."

In related news, BTS took the first-place trophy for their digital single 'Take Two', released in commemoration of their 10th debut anniversary, on Mnet's 'M Countdown' broadcast on June 22.