BTS's Jimin has proven his unique popularity by clinching the number one spot in the individual idol brand reputation rankings for June.

On June 22nd, The Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation announced that Jimin took first place in their Big Data analysis of individual idol brand reputations for June 2023. BTS's Jungkook came in second, followed by Blackpink's Jisoo in third.

The reputation index for BTS's Jimin, who came out on top in the idol personal brand reputation analysis, recorded participation index of 269,143, media index of 491,145, communication index of 2,633,663, and community index of 2,196,914, amounting to a total brand reputation index of 5,590,865. Compared to his brand reputation index of 4,730,169 in April, this represents an increase of 18.20%.

Koo Chang Hwan, director of the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation, analyzed Jimin's brand, stating, "In the link analysis for Jimin's brand, which recorded the number one individual idol brand reputation for June 2023, 'record, happy, reveal' ranked high. In the keyword analysis, '10th anniversary, face, ARMY' ranked high. The positive-negative ratio analysis recorded a big data positive ratio of 93.57%."

To conduct big data analysis for individual idol brand reputations, the Institute analyzed 64,428,614 pieces of big data from May 22, 2023, to June 22, 2023, covering 1,590 individual idols. This marks a 34.51% increase compared to the 47,897,433 pieces of big data analyzed in April. The brand reputation index is a measure created through big data analysis of consumer online habits that significantly impact brand consumption.

The top 30 for individual idol brand reputations in June 2023 were, in order, BTS's Jimin, BTS's Jungkook, Blackpink's Jisoo, BTS's RM, Blackpink's Jennie, BTS's V, NU'EST's Daniel, Big Bang's G-Dragon, ASTRO's Cha Eun-woo, Blackpink's Lisa, Wanna One's Kang Daniel, BTS's Jin, NU'EST's Minji, Blackpink's Rosé, Seventeen's Jun, aespa's Karina, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon, BTS's Suga, IVE's An Yu-jin, Girls' Generation's Yoona, Red Velvet's Seulgi, Oh My Girl's Mimi, IVE's Lea, NU'EST's Hani, aespa's Winter, NU'EST's Hae-rin, TWICE's Nayeon, BTS's J-Hope, Wanna One's Park Ji-hoon, and SHINee's Onew.

Second-place BTS's Jungkook recorded a brand reputation index of 4,031,592, marking a 124.07% increase compared to his brand reputation index of 1,799,263 in April.

Third-place Blackpink's Jisoo had a brand reputation index of 3,508,791, marking an 18.84% decrease compared to her brand reputation index of 4,323,294 in April.

Fourth-place BTS's RM recorded a brand reputation index of 2,978,648, marking a 227.04% increase compared to his brand reputation index of 910,804 in April.

Fifth-place Blackpink's Jennie recorded a brand reputation index of 2,818,026, marking a 41.99% increase compared to her brand reputation index of 1,984,611 in April.