The K-pop scene in July is truly a peak season. A host of major artists are scheduled to make their comebacks, promising to make the world of K-pop in July a vibrant place.

First, on July 4th, a familiar face returns. It's the group Teen Top. They're releasing their special album 'TEEN TOP [4SHO]', marking their full-group comeback after three years. After a long hiatus, they have recently been gaining attention through their appearances on MBC's 'Hang Out With Yoo', where they announced their new album. Even though member CAP departed during their comeback preparation, causing the group to reorganize as a quartet, they carried on with their album release as planned. Notably, Teen Top will also hold a solo concert at the Seoul Nodeulseom Live House on July 15th and 16th, planning to share meaningful time with their fans.

July's K-Pop Landscape Brimming with Comebacks, from EXO to NewJeans
▲ NewJeans, EXO, Zero Base One.

NewJeans will preview one of their triple title songs and a prologue song on July 7th, followed by a comeback with their second mini album 'Get Up' on the 21st. Their new album boasts a triple title track, similar to their debut album. It contains a total of six songs including the title songs 'Super Shy', 'ETA', 'Cool With Me', as well as the prologue song 'Newkins', the interlude 'Get Up', and the epilogue 'ASAP'. Among them, 'NewJeans' is a collaboration with the American TV animation series 'Powerpuff Girls'. Given Newkins' past record of each of their songs being well-received, it's expected that their new album will once again shake up the charts.

On July 10th, EXO, the representative idol group of the third generation, will make a comeback with their seventh full album 'EXIST'. This album comes after a gap of about two years and one month since their 2021 special album 'DON'T FIGHT THE FEELING', and almost three years and eight months since their regular sixth album 'OBSESSION'. After their full-group fan meeting in April, they heated up the comeback atmosphere with the pre-release of 'Let Me In' on the 12th. Although member Kai's sudden enlistment means only seven members will be active for this comeback, Kai's voice can be heard in the album, bringing joy to the fans. In particular, with Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin having amicably settled their contract issues with their agency, expectations are high for their more solidified presence.

On the same day, the group ZEROBASEONE (ZB1) will debut with their first mini album 'YOUTH IN THE SHADE'. Born through Mnet's 'Boys Planet', they caught the attention of Japanese fans by appearing on the stage of 'KCON Japan 2023' last month. Ahead of their official debut, they're showing various charms by appearing on Mnet's reality show 'Camp Zerobase1' and tvN's 'Amazing Saturday'.

July's K-Pop Landscape Brimming with Comebacks, from EXO to NewJeans
(Photo : Courtesy|TOP Media, JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment)
▲ Teen Top, ITZY, NCT Dream.

The following day, July 11th, brings NMIXX. They are making their first summer comeback after their debut with the third single 'A Midsummer NMIXX's Dream', aiming for the position of the next summer queens. Gradually growing over time, NMIXX achieved their best performance after their debut with 'Love Me Like This'. It's worth watching to see what they will show in their new album as they're known as a 'representative talented group of the fourth generation'.

NCT Dream will make a comeback with their third full album 'ISTJ' on July 17th. Their new album, which will be unveiled about a year and two months after their second regular repackage album 'Beatbox' released in May last year, contains a total of 10 songs. They recently topped domestic and foreign music charts with 'Broken Melodies', released on the 19th, proving their enduring popularity. NCT Dream is currently conducting their second world tour covering 26 cities worldwide since last September and is expected to show their growth through this tour.

ITZY will return with 'KILL MY DOUBT' on July 31st, seven months after their sixth mini album 'Cheshire'. The new album includes six tracks, including the title track 'Cake'. Hitmaker Black Eyed Pilseung is involved in the title track, signaling the birth of another masterpiece.

In addition to this, Tomorrow By Together, MONSTA X's Shownu & Hyungwon unit, and co-ed group Koyote are also slated to make their comebacks in July, rousing the expectations of K-pop fans.