Artists under HYBE Labels, including Suga from BTS (Big Hit Music), Le Seerafim (Source Music), and NewJeans (Ador), have been selected for the 'Best Songs of the First Half of 2023' list by the American 'LA Times'.

According to the '40 Best Songs of 2023 So Far' list announced by the LA Times on June 19 (local time), the list includes Suga's 'Haegum', Le Sserafim's 'Eve, Psyche and Bluebeard's Wife', and NewJeans' 'OMG'. Only these three songs were selected from K-pop, and the songs were listed alphabetically by artist.

BTS' Suga, Le Sserafim, and NewJeans: Selected Among 'LA Times' Best Songs of 2023's First Half
(Photo : Big Hit Music/Source Music)

'Haegum' is the title track of the solo album 'D-DAY', released under Suga's alias Agust D. The song was ranked first on the iTunes 'Top Songs' chart in 86 countries/regions worldwide immediately after its release. LA Times commented that "Suga has returned with his hardcore hip-hop alias after a long time" and described 'Haegum' as "a song that throws a metaphoric question at the young generation living entangled in various constraints and at internet culture."

'Eve, Psyche and Bluebeard's Wife' by Le Sserafim is a track from their first full-length album 'UNFORGIVEN'. The LA Times praised the Jersey Club style rhythm of 'Eve, Psyche and Bluebeard's Wife', stating that it "arrived at the Jersey Club party before popular pop star Bad Bunny and beat him."

LE SSERAFIM Makes History: Holds Billboard 200 Position for Five Consecutive Weeks, Setting Fourth-Generation Girl Group Record
(Photo : Source Music)

Lastly, the LA Times chose 'OMG', the title song of NewJeans' first single album, as one of the 'Best Songs of the First Half of 2023'. They elevated the group, saying, "NewJeans is one of the best girl groups after BLACKPINK." The LA Times stated that "NewJins has mastered the Y2K era pop/R&B and brought it into current K-pop" and "Although the members are still teenagers and have been debuted for less than a year, they are already the new hope of HYBE."