Kang Daniel is turning a new page in his musical journey.

On June 19th, at 6 PM (KST), Kang Daniel released his fourth mini-album 'REALIEZ,' gearing up to make a splash this hot summer.

The teaser for the title track 'SOS' music video has peaked expectations. The video, beginning with gunshot sounds that shake the earth, captures the viewer's attention with explosive chase scenes. The subsequent performances and style changes by Kang Daniel are equally impressive.

The 'SOS' music video was filmed on location in the deserts of Las Vegas, USA. The combination of the vast landscape and dynamic action scenes gives the music video a cinematic feel. The album's encapsulated messages will be presented in a cinematic version and a performance version, set to be released separately.

Earlier, at midnight on the 19th, Connect Entertainment released the music video's 'original synopsis' as the final piece of content before the album's launch. This special video condenses the events leading up to the story that unfolds in the music video, and it has been receiving enthusiastic responses as it was not previously announced in the promotion calendar.

'REALIEZ' holds a double entendre, encompassing 'REAL' (meaning truth), 'LIE' (referring to false truths), and 'REALIZE' (representing the process of realizing these aspects). The tracklist, from the pre-released song 'WASTELAND' to the title track 'SOS', 'Supernova', 'Liar', and 'Dreaming', interestingly unfolds against a dystopian backdrop.

'SOS' in particular is a song dedicated to all those struggling alone in difficult times. The powerful drum pattern maximizes explosive energy, promising to showcase Kang Daniel's new musical world.

The cinematic version of the 'SOS' music video will be released simultaneously with the album, and the performance version will be unveiled on the following day, the 20th.