An online forum recently saw a discussion about (G)I-DLE Miyeon's genuine personality during her middle school years, recounted by a person who endured bullying during that period.

School Bullying Survivor Highlights (G)I-DLE Miyeon's Memorable Act of Kindness

A former classmate of (G)I-DLE Miyeon caused a stir among K-pop enthusiasts by sharing an interesting story from their school years on an online platform.

On June 10, a past article posted by an individual, hereinafter referred to as 'Alumni A,' was rediscovered. In the post, Alumni A talked about their experience with school bullying and mentioned Miyeon's name.

But it's not what it initially seems. Instead of naming the star as an offender, Alumni A fondly recalled an instance where Miyeon intervened to shield them from their tormentors - a memory that has stayed with them even after approximately 13 years.

In their post, Alumni A stated (rough translation):

"I was in the same middle school as Miyeon, but in a different class. I was a victim of severe bullying then. One instance I remember was when one of the bullies took away my new windbreaker and didn't give it back for two or three days.

My parents were unaware, but they questioned why I wasn't wearing the new one. Unable to tell them the truth, I decided to confront the bullies and ask for my jacket back the next day.

When Miyeon learned about this, she stood up for me and reprimanded the person who took my windbreaker:

'If you borrowed the clothes, you should return them. Give them back now!'

Thanks to her, I got my clothes back. This incident, 12 years later, is still vivid in my memory. You might not remember this, and you might not know who I am, but I was deeply grateful, even though I couldn't express it then.

Miyeon, I always support you!"

School Bullying Survivor Affirms (G)I-DLE Miyeon's Benevolent Nature from School Years

In response to some skepticism about the authenticity of their story, Alumni A provided further details about Miyeon and the layout of their classrooms.

They also mentioned that they told their parents that they had left their windbreaker at school and advised them to be more cautious with their belongings.

"Believe it or not, the fact remains that Miyeon was known for her niceness even back then. She was a kind and quiet person who kept a small circle of close friends. She was also undeniably beautiful.

The bullies were wary of crossing her because they knew she was a YG trainee," they added, implying why the bullies didn't seek revenge.

The post led to an outpour of admiration for Miyeon from netizens, with comments such as:

"Miyeon is a gem."

"She showed remarkable courage in standing up for her friend. Respect."

"She embodies the spirit of a true senior in school."