Singer Jennie revealed that living as an 'icon' necessitates having a unique perspective.

On the 30th, Vogue Japan unveiled a photoshoot and interview with Jennie. The publication described Jennie as an influential figure not just within the sphere of K-Pop, but one whose influence extends far beyond one country. They highlighted that BLACKPINK made history as the first K-Pop group to headline the 'Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival', and that Jennie has made her acting debut through the HBO series 'The Idol'.

In her interview, Jennie confessed, "I might be charismatic and powerful on stage, but offstage, I'm just a regular, shy girl." Jennie, who boasts a following of over 80 million - a number greater than the total population of South Korea - asserted that an 'icon' is "someone who has clear opinions and thoughts".

  She continued, "In order to be called an icon, it isn't necessary to give the answers that everyone agrees with or tell the stories that everyone likes. Rather, what's needed is the ability to question people from one's own unique perspective." She emphasized, "If you believe in yourself more than anyone else and work hard, you will absolutely make it in one way or another. Maintaining a positive mindset is key. If you focus on the positive aspects and look for solutions, you can overcome difficult situations more easily."

As someone who often travels by plane, Jennie revealed, "I always carry a pillow, sleep mask, iPad, and lip balm because my lips often get dry. It can be strange being in a new place, so I find it helpful to create an environment similar to my room as much as possible. I bring along my pillow, pajamas, and relaxing essential oils."

On her days off, she likes to lie in bed and not think about anything, as it's the most comfortable for her. "Before big concerts, I turn on a humidifier and drink lots of warm water. A healthy mind comes from a healthy body. If you rest enough, eat well, and exercise hard, your body and mind will follow," she said.

Jennie, who often visits Namsan in Seoul, mentioned, "I remember the time when I was on tour in Amsterdam. It's a fascinating city. I've never been to Africa, but I love animals," she added.