BLACKPINK's Jennie has caught attention with a photo showing her well-healed scar under her right eye.

On May 29, Jennie posted a close-up photo of her face, writing, "Back in Bangkok after four months for the encore concert. Thank you to the Thai BLINKs for all the love and support." Although she was wearing concert makeup, what caught people's eye was the well-healed scar under her right eye, a remnant from an incident in March that did not seem to have left a significant mark.

Back in March, Jennie informed fans of her facial injury through the fan community, writing, "I'm posting this first so that you don't get unnecessarily shocked. I had been taking care of my health, eating well, and sleeping well during my break, but I tripped and fell while exercising, and ended up with a minor injury on my face."

"I wanted to get better quickly so that BLINKs wouldn't worry, but it's still healing, so I think I'll be wearing a bandage on my face for a while," she explained. Jennie also added, "Please understand even if it seems a bit silly. I'm sorry to show you this when I should be putting on a good performance."