The entertainment industry has been a hotbed of controversies due to public confrontations among celebrities. Unlike in the past where stars would usually refrain from stirring up trouble, recent trends suggest a different scenario. They are now unhesitatingly expressing their frustrations and emotions on social media platforms.

Swings, the renowned rapper, openly expressed his anger at the rudeness of the production staff of the web entertainment show 'Drunk Talk' after appearing on it on the 25th. Following his appearance, he shared a post on Instagram which had been added to his segment by the production crew, stating, "If you dislike me so much, then don't invite me". The post written by the crew read, "We thought you were hip-hop, but X scholar came," and "That's why you got dumped by ㅇㅂㄹ (Im Bora, Swing's ex-girlfriend)."

Swings pointedly asked, "Why reveal your true feelings only after the video is posted? I hate the production crew. Why not speak up directly? Why treat me like this after praising me? I did well. Even when I helped, why are you like this? What did I do so wrong?" He further commented, "Was your strategy to embarrass me after inviting me on 'Swings'? Why are you taking out your grievances on me?" He added, "Speak to me directly. Do you think my life is that insignificant? I work hard, I'm serious about my art. Why are you dragging me down to your level of interpretation? What did I do to you?"

Due to his post, netizens have flocked to Swings' appearance on 'Drunk Talk'. On the episode, the hosts mentioned Swing's ex-girlfriend and even dunked his luxury watch in alcohol. Netizens criticized not only the crew's post but the disrespectful content of the episode itself. Amid the public backlash, the production crew finally conveyed their apologies to Swings.

Similarly, actress Heo Jeong-min has drawn attention for exposing the tyrannical behavior of broadcasting companies and production houses. She claimed via social media that she had prepared for nearly two months to appear in the new KBS2 weekend drama 'Hyoshim's Independent Life', but was abruptly dismissed for unreasonable reasons.

The team of 'Hyoshim's Independent Life' refuted, "While it is true that we had a meeting with Heo Jeong-min, we concluded that the image of the actress does not match the character in the drama. We informed her management of this in mid-April."

Heo Jeong-min didn't stop there and exposed past instances of ill-treatment. She claimed that ten years ago, she was supposed to appear in a KBS mini-series, but the drama production company took away her script, and her role was handed over to an idol singer. Notably, Heo mentioned that actor Go Kyu-pil was also a victim of such abuse at the same time. Following the exposure, Heo turned her social media account to private.

Ambiguous snipes that create curiosity but fade away are also common.

Actress Hyun Jyuni warned on the 30th, "Please watch your words. I'm not just sitting here because I don't know. Don't you realize it will all come back to you?" She continued, "Don't even make excuses. And don't go around dropping my name. If you're going to name-drop, come in front of me and speak up. Why do I have to hear about it secondhand?" This cryptic message stirred curiosity.

Especially, Hyun Jyuni indirectly indicated that her target works in the same industry by saying, "You know the industry is small, so behave yourselves. Are you okay with me remembering all the words you spit out? I'm okay." This sparked speculation among netizens about who she could be targeting.

Stray Kids member Bang Chan became controversial for criticizing a junior idol singer during a live broadcast. He recalled a music show schedule in Paris, France, and commented, "I might look conservative as the times have changed, but it seems like greeting has become non-basic manners," implying that a junior did not greet him.

He continued, "I'm not bad-mouthing anyone. But when someone passes by and I greet them, it would be awkward if they don't return the greeting, right? Is this the norm for this generation?"

After Bang Chan's revelations, netizens started a hunt for the singer, and artists who appeared on the same music show suffered from malicious comments, causing unintended harm. Bang Chan later apologized via social media, saying, "I did not intend to point out any specific artist, and my comments have nothing to do with the artists currently being mentioned. I want to apologize to any artist who has been hurt due to my thoughtless comments."