"It seems like basic courtesy to return a greeting when someone greets you." These simple words have inexplicably stirred up suspicions of criticism, landing Stray Kids' Bang Chan in an undeserved controversy.

On May 14, Bang Chan hosted a live broadcast on the official Stray Kids YouTube channel. During the event, a question from an international fan popped up, asking about his experiences on the KBS 2TV music program 'Music Bank' special episode, aptly named '2023 Music Bank in Paris.' With the promise of sharing more detailed behind-the-scenes stories later, Bang Chan expressed his immense satisfaction with the event, saying, "I really enjoyed 'Music Bank in Paris.' It was even better because it had been a long time since I last visited Paris."

He also shared his candid thoughts on the culture of 'greeting.' Responding in English to cater to the international fan's question, he humbly labeled himself a 'Boomer,' hinting at his more traditional views. "Generations might be different, and I may seem conservative. However, I feel like greeting has stopped being a basic manner," he firmly stated.

He further questioned, "Isn't it awkward when you greet someone passing by and they don't greet back? Is this normal for the current generation?" He also stressed, "I think it's basic courtesy to respond or reciprocate when someone greets you. I take greetings very seriously."

This isn't Bang Chan's first live broadcast on YouTube. For over four years, he has been regularly hosting live streams titled 'Chan's Room,' fulfilling a promise to the Stray Kids' fandom, known as 'Stay.' It's not just a space for communicating with domestic fans but also international ones. The live broadcast on the 14th was also the 208th episode of 'Chan's Room.'

However, this particular live broadcast grabbed the attention of netizens. Bang Chan's remarks on the culture of greeting led to suspicions that he might be criticizing a junior idol group.

But the reality was different. Bang Chan clarified, "I'm not trying to badmouth anyone." He even responded to live comments from fans speculating about who didn't return his greeting by saying, "I won't mention names." He maintained a clear distance from any public criticism and simply shared his personal perspective in response to fan questions.

Despite this, Bang Chan is now embroiled in an unwarranted controversy about alleged criticism. Even his humble self-labeling as a 'Boomer' is being twisted and disseminated as a 'young grumpy old man.' His emphasis on 'generation' in some of his remarks has been twisted to portray him as a grumpy old man. But it's important to remember that Bang Chan, being of Australian origin, is more comfortable with English than Korean. Considering this background, his use of terms like 'Boomer' and 'generation' in a YouTube live broadcast where he communicates with both domestic and international fans, is quite understandable.

Above all, Bang Chan's comments were, in essence, about basic etiquette. Regardless of generation or location, greetings are a universally accepted form of courtesy and shared culture. It's unfortunate that an idol has to be careful about stating something so obvious, for fear of causing controversy. This situation evokes a sense of regret.