Commemorative stamps marking the 10th anniversary of the K-pop group BTS's debut are generating fervent popularity, with certain items selling out from the online pre-sale conducted before the official launch.

As the 10th anniversary of BTS's debut approaches on June 13, the Korea Post Office Corporation has sparked conversation by producing a commemorative stamp package. The package contains a sheet of 10 BTS stamps and a commemorative stamp book.

According to the Korea Post Office Corporation, 120,000 stamp sheets were sold out within three hours of the pre-sale starting at 7 PM the day before via online and mobile platforms. Due to a surge of users, there were even delays on the website. In response, the Post Office Corporation set up a temporary sales page and limited the number of concurrent channel users to prevent traffic overloads.

A representative of the Korea Post Office Corporation explained during a phone conversation with XSportsNews on the 23rd, "We decided to create these 10th anniversary commemorative stamps because BTS has written a new chapter in K-pop history and elevated the nation's prestige. Specifically, we focused on the musical significance of 'our moments expressed through songs' as we look back at BTS's past decade. It's intended to share meaning with the numerous individuals who worked hard to produce BTS's albums and the fans who have been with them throughout."

They continued, "An online sales service is also available for international fans, so we hope more people will take an interest. From June 13th, purchases can also be made at post offices, so we ask for your interest."

Adding on, they said, "While reflecting on the significance of BTS's 10th debut anniversary, we also hope for increased public interest in stamps. In the future, we would be delighted to have many more opportunities to commemorate and share the significance of many individuals, including BTS, who elevate national prestige."

Meanwhile, the BTS 10th-anniversary commemorative stamps are scheduled for sale at post offices nationwide from June 13th.