BTS's Suga, recently confessed of times when he wished to go off the grid, during a candid conversation with actress Lee Na-young.

On the 22nd, a video titled "[Shu-Chi-Ta] EP.11 SUGA with Lee Na-young" was released on BTS's official YouTube channel 'BANGTANTV'.

'Shu-Chi-Ta', an abbreviation for 'Drinking Time with Suga', is a talk-show style content where Suga converses genuinely with individuals from various fields, over drinks and music. Lee Na-young was the eleventh guest and the first female guest on 'Shu-Chi-Ta'.

During the conversation centered around Lee Na-young's upcoming project 'Park Ha-kyung's Travelogue', Suga was asked about a moment he wished he could disappear. He admitted, "As a child, I think I was scared of receiving too much attention and love. In fact, I ran away at times. I simply switched off my phone and went underground. The next day, I was so scared that I turned on my phone and immediately returned, saying 'I'm sorry'."

Suga further expressed, "Even back then, there were many situations that felt overwhelming. At that time, BTS debuted without much anticipation. As we started receiving awards beyond our expectations, I often felt scared. I even cried. It was my early to mid-20s. Sometimes, the enormous love and attention felt heavy. But I never ditched a schedule."

Lee Na-young is married to actor Won Bin since 2015 and they have a son. Lee Na-young will appear in the Wave original drama 'Park Ha-kyung's Travelogue', which will be released on the 24th, while Won Bin has been on a 13-year hiatus since the release of the 2010 movie 'The Man From Nowhere'.