Stray Kids' Bang Chan recently stirred a storm with his earnest remarks on the importance of greeting, a comment that unintentionally sparked controversy as it was perceived as a veiled criticism.

During a recent live broadcast, when a fan asked about the experience of recording 'Music Bank' in Paris last month, Bang Chan replied in English, "It was really nice and fun." He then added, seemingly out of the blue, "I might sound like an 'old fogey,' but it seems we've reached a point where greeting isn't considered basic manners anymore."

He clarified, "I'm not trying to bash anyone. It's just that I think a lot about greetings." He further expressed his thoughts, "Wouldn't you be surprised if you greeted someone passing by and they didn't respond? It seems like our generation has reached a point where this is acceptable."


As fans began to speculate about the artist who did not return his greeting, Bang Chan stated, "I won't mention any names." He added, "People I'm familiar with or know are all fine. However, there might be a few people I don't know well who didn't greet back. They might not be related to me, or they might have been shy or nervous." He concluded, "'Music Bank' in Paris was really cool. It was a great experience and a lot of fun seeing you all enjoy our music."

Afterwards, some netizens started guessing the idol in question by referring to the 'Music Bank IN Paris' lineup. The idols who performed at 'Music Bank IN Paris', including Stray Kids, Enhypen, AB6IX, IVE, CRAVITY, The Boyz, Mamamoo, P1Harmony, and NMIXX, weren't many.

Of course, Bang Chan likely didn't make the remark with the intention to criticize anyone. Past videos show that he has always been sincere about greetings. Whenever he praised junior groups, he always added compliments like "they greet well" or "they always greet brightly."

However, was it necessary to respond to a question about his shooting experience with a comment on the importance of greetings? As he speculated, the other party might have been shy or nervous. They might have missed Bang Chan's greeting or missed the timing to respond. Being a seasoned idol, he should have known that venting in front of fans can be perceived as a criticism towards someone. While it's good to be honest, his comment left a lingering feeling of unnecessary regret.