Rookie girl group FIFTY FIFTY is making waves in the music industry. With their eyes set on breaking K-pop girl group records, the group is working tirelessly to achieve greatness.

Since their debut in November last year with "The Fifty," FIFTY FIFTY members (Sana, Aran, Kina, and Sio) have been capturing the world's attention. Their first single, "The Beginning: Cupid," and its title track "Cupid" entered the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, breaking the record for the shortest time to achieve this feat in K-pop history. The group, affiliated with a small and medium-sized agency, has only been together for six months, making their rapid ascent even more impressive.

FIFTY FIFTY's "Cupid" recently ranked 19th on the Billboard Hot 100, climbing an astounding 22 spots from the previous week. Currently, the K-pop girl group song with the longest stay on the Hot 100 chart is BLACKPINK's collaboration with American pop star Selena Gomez, "Ice Cream." This track remained on the chart for eight weeks, peaking at the 13th position.

However, FIFTY FIFTY's local popularity is proving to be more than just a fleeting trend. After debuting at 100th place on the chart, they climbed to 94th in their second week, 85th in the third, and 60th in the fourth. In their fifth week, they reached 50th place, and in the sixth week, they achieved the 41st position. The possibility of FIFTY FIFTY setting a new record for the longest stay on the Hot 100 chart by a K-pop girl group is becoming increasingly likely.

If FIFTY FIFTY remains on the chart next week, they will tie with BLACKPINK for the top spot. It's also worth anticipating a new record for the highest-ranking girl group, surpassing the 13th place held by "Ice Cream." What makes "Cupid" especially significant is that, unlike "Ice Cream," it's not a collaboration with a pop star but a standalone FIFTY FIFTY track. As a purely solo effort, "Cupid" is the highest-ranking K-pop girl group song on the Hot 100 chart.

FIFTY FIFTY has not only conquered the Billboard chart but also made a splash on the UK Official Singles Chart, which has a high barrier to entry. "Cupid" recently ranked 9th on the Singles Top 100 chart, surpassing BLACKPINK and American pop star Lady Gaga's collaborative track "Sour Candy," which had held the highest K-pop girl group record at 17th place. FIFTY FIFTY has become the first K-pop girl group to enter the top 10 of this chart.

The group initially gained recognition overseas, particularly through the popular social media platform TikTok. A 2x speed version of "Cupid" was used as background music for over 6 million TikTok videos, accumulating more than 9.5 billion views on the platform.

The disco-pop genre of "Cupid," featuring a comfortable rhythm and retro-inspired melody without provocative vocals, has been praised as an easy-listening track. The group also released a Korean and English "twin version" of the song, which lowered the barrier for entry for international fans.

During a press conference held on the 13th of last month, FIFTY FIFTY shared their surprise at entering the Billboard Hot 100, saying they were "beyond grateful and humbled by the love and support from fans around the world." They also expressed their determination to work even harder and continue to grow as artists.

FIFTY FIFTY's meteoric rise to fame can be credited to their unique charm, powerful performances, and heartfelt lyrics. The group's members have also been praised for their talents in singing, dancing, and rapping. The future looks bright for FIFTY FIFTY, as they continue to make history and challenge the status quo in the K-pop scene.

As their global fanbase continues to expand, FIFTY FIFTY is setting their sights on other international markets. With their recent success on the Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Official Singles Chart, the group is considering plans to promote and tour in the United States and Europe once the COVID-19 pandemic situation allows for safe travel and events.

With their passion for music, commitment to their fans, and unwavering dedication, FIFTY FIFTY is on a path to become the next big K-pop sensation. As they continue to break records and establish new milestones, there's no doubt that the world will be watching their every move.

Stay tuned for updates on FIFTY FIFTY's achievements and future endeavors as they continue to make history and leave an indelible mark on the world of K-pop.