BLACKPINK's Jisoo recently took a fresh MBTI test and discovered that she shares the ISTP personality type with TV personalities Park Myung-Soo and Joo Woo-Jae.

On the 10th, Jisoo's official YouTube channel 'Jisoo's Happiness 103%' uploaded a video titled '[Today's Jisoo] EP.5 MBTI TEST.'

Jisoo shared, "Every time I do an MBTI test, I get different results. People around me even say, 'Your MBTI is multiple.'" She listed various MBTI types she has received in the past, including ESTJ, ESTP, ENTJ, and INTP.

Jisoo then emphasized, "This test is very professional," and proceeded with the MBTI assessment. When asked a question about her planning skills, she answered, "Both," and explained, "I have a planned side but also an impromptu side. What do you do if you're spontaneous and planned?"

Throughout the test, Jisoo expressed her dilemma in choosing between the two options presented. She said, "I don't easily get along with others, but I'm not quiet or speechless either. I talk a lot when it's awkward because it's uncomfortable. I chat freely with close friends, but when I'm with someone I don't know well, I tend to listen quietly."

In response to other questions, Jisoo revealed her confidence by saying, "I'm quite helpful. I'm a giving tree style," and "I identify areas to improve and suggest alternatives. I'm a genius."

After completing the test, Jisoo's MBTI result was revealed to be 'ISTP.' She shared her thoughts, saying, "Only S and N were close, and the rest were clear. Another new one came out."

Other celebrities known to be ISTP include Park Myung-Soo and Joo Woo-Jae. Notably, Jisoo recently appeared on Park Myung-Soo's official YouTube channel 'Park Myung-Soo's World' and called herself the 'female Park Myung-Soo,' which drew attention to her new MBTI type.

Meanwhile, Jisoo's official YouTube channel 'Jisoo's Happiness 130%' currently has 4.28 million subscribers.