BTS members J-Hope and Suga's behind-the-scenes documentaries are set to be released in theaters worldwide this June, accompanied by the unveiling of their official posters.

The solo documentaries, titled "J-Hope IN THE BOX" and "SUGA: Road to D-DAY," will be released globally in celebration of BTS's 10th debut anniversary this June, capturing the hearts of moviegoers around the world. The documentaries, which premiered on Disney+ in February and April, respectively, give an in-depth look at the behind-the-scenes activities of J-Hope and Suga as they embarked on their solo projects, from producing their albums to live performances.

"J-Hope IN THE BOX" captures the creation of J-Hope's first official solo album and his activities as the first Korean musician to headline the main stage of the "Lollapalooza" music festival.

"SUGA: Road to D-DAY" is a road movie documentary that follows Suga as he produces his solo album and collaborates with artists from various cities around the world, exploring the messages he wants to convey through music. Both documentaries showcase the duo's previously unseen struggles, musical worlds, and behind-the-scenes efforts to create the best possible performances, which have been met with overwhelming support from fans.

"J-Hope IN THE BOX" and "SUGA: Road to D-DAY" are expected to offer even greater enjoyment and vivid emotions through the immersive experience of large screens and three-dimensional sound, available only in movie theaters. The films will premiere in South Korea at Lotte Cinema in June and will subsequently be released in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and other countries worldwide.

Fans can look forward to the June release of "J-Hope IN THE BOX" and "SUGA: Road to D-DAY," promising larger-than-life entertainment and deeply moving experiences on the big screen.