The number of idols dreaming of a fresh start is on the rise. Many are participating in 're-debut' auditions with renewed determination, overcoming various challenges such as contract terminations and group disbandments.

Mnet is preparing a new series called "Queendom Puzzle," an evolution of the "Queendom" series. This project assembles current and former girl group members like pieces of a puzzle to create a new global girl group. Simply put, it's a chance for these idols to 're-debut.'

Confirmed participants include IZ*ONE's Yabuki Nako and Honda Hitomi, MOMOLAND's JooE, Lovelyz's Kei, LABOUM's Haein, and CLC's Yeeun. Their desire for success as singers is palpable.

The common thread among these groups is that they have all experienced pain. LABOUM faced a contract termination with Interpark Music Plus, and IZONE was a project group that disbanded after two years and six months of activity. Some IZONE members are actively promoting in groups like IVE and LéSÈRA_PHIN.

However, the remaining members Yabuki Nako and Honda Hitomi have struggled to make an impact in both Korea and their home country, Japan, after IZ*ONE's disbandment. MOMOLAND, Lovelyz, and CLC have also faced similar difficulties following their respective disbandments.

The members participating in "Queendom Puzzle" are veterans with 7-8 years of experience, and they possess undeniable talent and recognition. However, there are risks in the 're-debut' and 'relaunch' of established idols, such as fandom competition, ambiguous concepts, and revenue distribution issues.

Fans of these idols may become divided, leading to intensified competition among fandoms. It may not be easy to unify the diverse concepts, such as innocent, sexy, refreshing, and powerful, into one group. Also, managing members from different agencies can be challenging, and negotiating revenue distribution may pose additional problems.

Despite these limitations, the excitement of seeing these idols on TV again is undeniable. However, if their goal is to achieve the same level of impact as successful audition projects like IZ*ONE, Wanna One, and I.O.I, it remains a big question mark.