It's nearly impossible to rank Song Hye-kyo and Park Eun-bin in terms of ratings, platforms, or buzz. Furthermore, acting ability is a subjective matter, making it even harder to determine who is superior. All eyes are on the Best Actress Award to see whether it will go to Song Hye-kyo or Park Eun-bin.

The 59th Baeksang Arts Awards ceremony will be held on April 28 at Paradise City in Incheon's Yeongjong Island. Shin Dong-yeob, Suzy, and Park Bo-gum will host the event, which will be broadcast live for three hours.

In the drama category, it's no exaggeration to say that it's practically a battle between 'Woo Young-woo' and 'The Glory.' They are competing against each other in almost every category, including Best Drama, Best Director, Best Art, Best Supporting Actor and Actress, and Best New Actor and Actress. Particularly, for the Best Actress Award, Park Eun-bin (ENA's "Extraordinary Attorney Woo"), Song Hye-kyo (Netflix's "The Glory"), Kim Hye-soo (tvN's "Shrubs"), Kim Ji-won (JTBC's "My Liberation Diary"), and Suzy (Coupang Play's "Anna") have been nominated.

All five actresses delivered excellent performances, but Song Hye-kyo and Park Eun-bin are considered the most likely winners among industry insiders and viewers. Song Hye-kyo took on her first R-rated revenge drama since her debut, moving away from the typical melodrama and romantic comedy genres. She presented a new side of herself as Moon Dong-eun, a victim of school violence. After reuniting with "Descendants of the Sun" writer Kim Eun-sook after six years, Song Hye-kyo received praise for her astonishing acting transformation in her 26th year of her career.

'The Glory' Song Hye-kyo vs. 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' Park Eun-bin: Who Will Win the Best Actress Award?
(Photo : 'The Glory' poster)

Song Hye-kyo never lost her presence as the lead actress in a female-centric narrative from the first to the sixteenth episode. Despite the intense character of villains Park Yeon-jin (played by Im Ji-yeon), Jeon Jae-jun (Park Sung-hoon), and Lee Sa-ra (Kim Hee-ae), Moon Dong-eun's influence never faded in "The Glory," even convincing viewers of her romance with Joo Ye-jeong (played by Lee Do-hyun).

'The Glory' Song Hye-kyo vs. 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' Park Eun-bin: Who Will Win the Best Actress Award?
(Photo : 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' poster)

Park Eun-bin delivered an overwhelming performance as Woo Young-woo, the protagonist with an autism spectrum disorder, in "Extraordinary Attorney Woo." She created the catchphrase "goose tomato Swiss Indian shooting star Yeoksam Station" and completed Park Eun-bin's "Extraordinary Attorney Woo," which no one else could have imagined.

She put the relatively unknown broadcasting station ENA on the map, turning it into the hottest place in South Korea. Starting with a 0.9% rating, the final episode recorded 17.5%, setting a new record. While writer Moon Ji-won's excellent script and director Yoo In-sik's outstanding direction contributed, Park Eun-bin's acting was the crowning touch.

Despite her exceptional acting skills, Park Eun-bin, who debuted as a child actress at age 5, had not received full recognition. However, her acting career blossomed through works like "Hello, My Twenties!," "Hot Stove League," "Do You Like Brahms?," and "Phantom." Finally, with 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo,' she delivered a career-defining performance,