BTS member Jimin has been chosen as one of the "Good People" who spread positive influence.

Interview magazine 'Interview365' announced on the 14th that they have selected BTS member Jimin for their 33rd 'Good People Best 10,' stating, "With 'Like Crazy,' he pushed aside the latest hit songs of world-famous pop stars and topped the Billboard 'Hot 100.'"

They added, "Jimin has risen as the first K-pop singer to reach the top of the 'Hot 100' both as a group and individually," and explained, "Jimin's achievements are milestones in K-pop and have also given confidence to singers attempting single parts."

Interview365 has been selecting the "Good People Best 10" every month among figures working in various fields such as art, culture, tourism, academia, management, religion, society, and politics, who spread positive influence in our society.

BTS' Jimin Selected as One of the 'Good People 10': A Pioneering Figure in K-pop
(Photo : Interview 365)

With Jimin's selection as one of the Good People, his special connection with the late dancer Kim Baek-bong has also come to light.

In 2018, Jimin performed a fan dance at the Melon Music Awards and received a plaque of appreciation from the Kim Baek-bong Fan Dance Preservation Society, which holds the Intangible Cultural Property No. 3 of Pyeongan Province, for "greatly contributing to raising the status and aesthetic value of the beautiful Korean fan dance worldwide by implementing a unique reinterpretation using it as a subject."