During the 2023 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, BTS member Jungkook was reportedly seen in the audience, sparking discussions among fans of both BTS (ARMYs) and BLACKPINK (BLINKs). BLACKPINK headlined the event on April 15, becoming the first K-pop group to do so.

BLACKPINK's high-energy performance at Coachella included hits like "PINK VENOM" and "HOW YOU LIKE THAT," captivating the audience. However, it wasn't just the performance that gained attention; fans also noticed Jungkook in the crowd, leading to speculation about whether he attended specifically to watch BLACKPINK.

  Supporters shared video clips as evidence of Jungkook's presence during BLACKPINK's segment. They pointed out the BI-Ping-Bong lightsticks held by audience members at around 9:14 PM, which coincided with the start of BLACKPINK's performance. It was suggested that Jungkook watched half of their setlist before leaving to see The Kid LAROI. However, not everyone agreed with these theories. Some fans argued that Jungkook was only at Coachella for The Kid LAROI's stage, scheduled for 10:20 PM. During the event's livestream, eagle-eyed ARMYs spotted Jungkook enjoying The Kid LAROI's performance, sporting a new wavy hairstyle.

Following the festival, Jungkook commented on his fans' ability to recognize him despite his new look, saying, "I was going to keep it lowkey at Coachella, but everyone found out fast anyway. You're all incredible ARMYs, thank you and I love you. I just cut my bangs, so how did you even recognize me?"

The debate over whether Jungkook attended BLACKPINK's performance continued among fans, with some expressing their desire for a clear, frontal shot of his face to settle the matter. One commenter wrote, "I wish someone [shot a] video from in front of him to end the debate. [A] real clear shot of him. I can only read 'she said,' 'he said.' I am not there, and I am really curious."


As fans continue to discuss Jungkook's attendance, the truth remains uncertain. Regardless, both BLACKPINK and Jungkook enjoyed memorable moments at the 2023 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.