BIGBANG's Taeyang is set to release his second EP album "Down to Earth" on April 25.

On April 12, his agency, The Black Label, revealed the album cover and profile images through their official SNS channels.

The cover image features Taeyang amidst a grand natural landscape, with the title "Down to Earth" etched below his stunning figure.

The profile image showcases Taeyang's unique presence in a moody atmosphere reminiscent of a sunset, with his sexy and charismatic gaze captivating viewers.

The collaboration with BLACKPINK's Lisa in Taeyang's new song has heightened anticipation for the release. Following his exceptional chemistry with BTS' Jimin in his previous track "Vibe," fans around the world eagerly await the synergy between Taeyang and Lisa.

Pre-orders for Taeyang's physical album "Down to Earth" will begin on April 12 at 2 PM.