As the 33rd annual Seoul Music Awards adopts a new monthly award ceremony format, global K-pop sensation BTS has taken an early lead.

Organized and hosted by Sports Seoul, the Seoul Music Awards Organizing Committee began monthly voting for newly established award categories on various fandom platforms, including FANCAST, Idol Champ, and Podoal, starting April 3.

The new categories, 'World Trend Artist' and 'Fan Choice of the Year,' will select groups and solo artists based on 100% fan votes. As of 4 p.m. on April 10, BTS has firmly held on to first place in the 'World Trend Artist' category on two of the three fandom platforms.

SEVENTEEN, who recently broke records with 2.18 million pre-orders for their 10th mini-album, has overtaken TOMORROW X TOGETHER for first place on the remaining platform. Meanwhile, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, TWICE, and ATEEZ continue to fiercely compete for the top spot on each platform.

Significant changes have occurred in the 'Fan Choice of the Year' category, which targets solo artists and group members who have received the most love. BTS's V has reclaimed first place across all platforms, showcasing the overwhelming support from their fan base.

Kim Ho-joong struggles to maintain second place on one platform, while BTS's Jimin holds on to second place on another. TOMORROW X TOGETHER's Yeonjun has moved up from third to second place, eyeing the opportunity to reclaim the top spot.

With just one week of voting completed, all eyes are on whether BTS will maintain their momentum and secure their position as April's 'Artist of the Month.' The winners in each category for April will receive the prestigious 'Artist of the Month' trophy and will be featured in high-profile advertisements.