BTS's V has been selected as the male star fans most want to attend a cherry blossom festival with in a recent poll.

From March 27 to April 9, the comprehensive entertainment mobile app STARPOLL conducted a poll asking, "Which male star would you like to go to a cherry blossom festival with?" V took the top spot.

V is currently appearing on the tvN variety show "Seojin's." The program follows Lee Seojin, who has been promoted from a manager to an owner, as he opens and operates a small snack bar abroad. On the show, V showcases his multi-faceted charm, captivating viewers with a different side than what's seen on stage.

Meanwhile, STARPOLL is a comprehensive content service for artists that allows fans to enjoy everything about their favorite stars in one place, including news, community, and performance information. It serves as a playground for fandoms to share all things related to their beloved stars.