K-pop solo artist and BTS member Jimin has expressed his feelings after becoming the first solo artist to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Jimin held a live stream on the fan community platform Weverse in the early hours of the morning after the announcement of his #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. He said, "I can't express it in words, so I just turned on the live stream."

In fact, Jimin shared a photo of the moment when he opened a computer notepad to write his thoughts. The notepad Jimin revealed showed him writing, "ARMY, it's Jimin. Ah... I can't believe it, so I don't know what to say. Uh..." inducing laughter.

Appearing on the live stream with a bare face, Jimin was shy but repeatedly thanked his fandom, ARMY, saying, "Thank you all so much."

Jimin continued to express his gratitude, saying, "The PD who worked with me was crying," and, "I'm so grateful to everyone who helped make the album and to those who loved it."

Jimin also showed his mature side by saying, "I don't know what to say, but it's all possible because of BTS and the ARMY," and, "I'll never forget that."

Jimin confessed that when he heard the news of reaching #1, he felt the love and support from the ARMY even more.

He also looked back at the moment about a year ago when he decided to work on an album after talking with the members. Jimin explained, "The members said it would be nice if I tried making a song, so that's how the album started."

Jimin then confessed that while working on the album, he experienced a significant improvement in his emotional state and enjoyed the process, thanking the company staff who worked hard to make the album possible.

Jimin said he was grateful for the positive response to the album, especially since he didn't make it with charts or results in mind. He also confessed his shyness, saying, "I don't know what I'm feeling right now, and it's hard to express it in words today."

Jimin vowed to work harder, saying he felt his shortcomings and would strive for more growth, knowing the extent of the support and love he receives.

He also said he was proud and happy with the results, thanks to his own efforts.

Jimin shared a story about his father, who called him to express his pride. He said, "When I played the song for my dad at home, he said he was heartbroken." He also revealed that his father didn't expect the album to receive so much love and was moved by the sad content of the song.

According to the latest Billboard chart (dated April 8), Jimin's solo album 'FACE' and its title track 'Like Crazy' ranked #1 on the main singles chart, Hot 100. 'FACE' previously ranked #2 on the main album chart, Billboard 200.

Jimin is the first Korean solo artist to top the Hot 100 chart. 'Like Crazy' is also the 66th song in Billboard history to debut at #1. Billboard praised Jimin for joining the ranks of artists who have topped the Hot 100 as both a team and solo artist.