Kang Daniel is making big "Waves" with his return to the music scene!

The 23-year-old K-pop idol, Kang Daniel, finally ceased the long agony of waiting of his fans by dropping his much-awaited pre-release single called 'Waves.' The fresh track is from Kang Daniel's anticipated comeback album 'Magenta.' The swag and snappy track are graced by two powerhouse artists, namely, rapper Simon Dominic and JAMIE, who are featured in the music video.

Kang Daniel has been hinting his fans for the track's release, where he took to his official SNS account by posting a 'Waves' poster that sets the fans' expectations to the highest level. Kang Daniel himself first unveiled the track during his debut anniversary virtual fan meeting with his beloved DAN1TYST, Allkpop finds.

All About 'Waves'

'Waves' sings in an enlivening melody that showcases the track's versatile way of composition, matching the music video's setup. The music video gives prominence to Latin guitars, 8o8 bass drums, and staccato piano instrumentals that thumps in a hip-hop genre.

Per Hellokpop, Kang Daniel's vocal prowess is one of a kind, explicitly highlighting vocal variations with inconsistent tones. The track tags along in the melody's beautifully created texture that features the chorus' mesmerizing part. Moreover, JAMIE sings in the second voice with Kang Daniel's song.

The best part per se, is the "소나기, 소나기," making it very iconic.

The track couldn't live without JAMIE and Simon Dominic's rapping verses, leading for the record to be called one of the best due to its unmistakable collaboration.

The song sings in a cheeky message of resting all of your faith and trust in your heart's decision like the waves in the ocean that moves in their coordinated direction.

Alongside releasing 'Waves,' Kang Daniel also dropped the track's music video, which was still featured by familiar artists JAMIE and Simon Dominic. Check it all out below!