Actress Park Min-young is currently under investigation by prosecution.

According to an exclusive report by SBS on the 14th, "Park Min-young was summoned by prosecutors on the 13th over involvement with ex-boyfriend Kang Jong-hyun."

"Kang is suspected to be the actual owner of Korea's leading crypto currency exchange 'Bithumb' with suspicions that he manipulated the affiliate company's stock price and embezzled funds."

During investigations, prosecutors found that Park Min-young's name was used in a borrowed-name transaction for convertible bonds issued by Bithumb affiliates, where hundreds of millions of illegally accumulated profits were discovered.

It was also revealed that last year, Park Min-young's older sister worked as an outside director at a Bithumb affiliate during the time when Kang Jong-hyun's younger sister was CEO. 

However, during investigations, Park Min-young insisted that "the borrowed-name transaction has nothing to do with her."

Along with the summons, prosecutors have banned Park Min-young from leaving the country. They're increasing investigations into all Bithumb affiliates and are deciding whether to investigate other charges and issue additional summons. 

Regarding this, Park Min-young's agency Hook Entertainment told DongA"we're confirming."

Meanwhile, Park Min-young is currently considering starring as female lead in drama, 'Marry My Husband' based on a web novel of the same name.

Following are Korean netizens' comments:

  1. [+702, -2] She ended up like this because of her greed chasing more and more money..
  2. [+654, -8] Kick her from the entertainment industry forever!
  3. [+452, -5] She was able to land another project? It's crazy that production companies are still casting her when she's getting into more scandals lately.
  4. [+307, -5] Daebak.. she really dated a scammer like Kang Jong-hyun and embezzled tens of millions of won in illegal profits together. Her unni also worked as an outside director for Bithumb affiliate? Didn't he also get caught borrowing foreign cars and opened a cell phone store in Park Min-young's building? And yet Park Min-young shamelessly posted pictures of her overseas trips on SNS. I also heard about her getting casted on a drama not too long ago..? Is the production team in their right minds?? I hope she's banned from appearing anywhere on TV!!
  5. [+263, -1] I honestly didn't think she'd get summoned when this scandal first came out..? She must've thought cutting the tail quickly would solve the problem. So she was in deep cahoots with Kang Jong-hyun all along seeing as her name was found there. Don't think of filming any other drama!!! Make sure she's investigated thoroughly and arrested! I never knew she was such a dirty criminal!
  6. [+221, -1] She acted like such angel who only cared about her acting career when she was money hungry to this level.
  7. [+256, -4] Wow, her image is cheap now.
  8. [+103, -5] Looks like her bank account together with her unni were outside directors.. ㅋㅋ
  9. [+31, -15] First Yoo Ah-in and now her.. celebrity scandals are continue to erupt one by one... what's going on? 
  10. [+21, -0] Do a drug test on her too!!
  11. [+13, -0] Korea's Miranda Kerr ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. She'll do anything for money
  12. [+12, -0] She should've dated a prosecutor boyfriend too.. 

CR: Daily Naver Blog