Former Big Bang member Seungri (Lee Seung-hyun) has been released from prison.

JTBC reporters were able to independently obtain and analyze Seungri's verdict that contained specific criminal facts on charges of arranging prostitution and illegal filming.

① Sex trafficking that began at Incheon Airport

At the end of December 2015, two Japanese investor brothers came to Korea to meet Seungri. Seungri prepared a schedule to welcome them a month in advance. It was a different experience from the start. From Incheon Airport, where the Japanese brothers arrived, to the luxury car that transported them to their hotel in Seoul, he arranged for mass prostitution. After arriving at the hotel in Seoul, they also received sex entertainment. The number of times Seungri provided sexual entertainment to investors in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and domestic investors in the first two months of December 2015 reached 29. It happened at various places such as hotels, houses, and restaurants. It was confirmed in court that he spent about 43 million won for sexual entertainment.

Seungri's side insisted at the trial that "he didn't participate in arranging prostitution," however the judge did not accept Seungri's argument. The judge stated, "Seungri shared or received reports on each situation (related to sex trafficking) and was mostly always present where prostitutes were present."

② Even after a fan meeting... 'Illegal filming'

Seungri did a Big Bang fan meet in China in June 2016. But after the tour, he illegally filmed Chinese women. The videos of three Chinese women were taken from the back against Buddha statues while they were laying down naked on a bed. Then the video was shared in a Katalk group chat.

Regarding this, Seungri's side insisted, "It was sent to me by a Chinese Madame, not filmed directly." However, the judge ruled that he was guilty stating, "If you look at the testimony of those around him and the context of the conversation at the time, you cannot accept Seungri's argument."

③ Reasons for court sentencing

The court stated the fact that Seungri had no criminal record other than a fine was normal, however, the "repeat pimping of women" with claims that it was a "coming of age" ritual is not a small issue and can cause social harm, therefore requires severe punishment.

Regarding this, Seungri's lawyer stated, "He's doing some introspection and reflecting on himself. He's not at risk of running away and was already detained for two days during the warrant review."

Netizens' comments:

  1. [+890, -7] His sentence is too low..
  2. [+292, -8] Ah, what a dirty disgusting person!!
  3. [+334, -58] They even put out a Seungri article to cover up Kwak Sang-do's 5 billion won
  4. [+126, -2] Make sure he's completely isolated from society!
  5. [+114, -2] This is why drama's aren't a fun watch anymore. Reality is crazier than the drama itself!
  6. [+89, -40] Ah, what a shame. If he had been part of this administration, he would've definitely been acquitted..
  7. [+68, -2] Gwangju ba$tard
  8. [+47, -1] There's no way he came to his senses after only 1 year and 6 months. He needs at minimum 16 years
  9. [+26, -1] 1.5 years.. and a military service exemption.. f*ck
  10. [+20, -0] Make sure this trash isn't able to crawl out!! Block him everywhere on broadcasts!
  11. [+14, -3] Eh, what about the prostitutes?? If he was out pimping them they made money together no?? Aren't you going to arrest them?
  12. [+9, -0] I hope the victims file civil suits against him! This ba$tard needs to get hit with 30 years!