Kim Taehyung "V" has accomplished three things on Billboard with his latest OST "Christmas Tree" debuting at No. 1 on the "Digital Song Sales" chart:

  • Career's 1st solo song debut at No. 1
  • 1st solo song by a soloist from Korea to debut at No. 1
  • 1st Korean OST to debut at No. 1

Billboard made an official announcement on January 4 local time that V's "Christmas Tree" had made its debut at the No. 1 spot on Billboard's "Digital Song Sales" chart.

The chart shows the weekly ranking of the best selling songs in the US, which indicates that at present "Christmas Tree" is America's best selling song.

The song earned V his first career solo entry on the chart. It is also a record-breaking debut by V and makes him the only Korean soloist to achieve such a feat so far. Hence, V has created a history of sorts.

"Christmas Tree" also became the first Korean OST song to top the chart ever. The song is a part of the soundtrack for "Our Beloved Summer", a new drama featuring Choi Woo Shik.

The most remarkable feat about V's achievements is that "Christmas Tree" was an unpromoted song that was released during the week of Christmas, which is the year's toughest week to chart because mainstream Christmas songs re-chart during this time.

Only two other soloists from Korea have reached No. 1 rank on Billboard's "Digital Song Sales" chart with their songs before V.

In December 2021, V's fellow bandmate from BTS, Suga became the first soloist from Korea to debut a song at the No. 1 rank on the chart. However, the song in question "Girl of My Dreams" was a collab with Juice WRLD.

The only other Korean solo song, apart from V's "Christmas Tree" to top the chart was the 2021 smash hit "Gangnam Style" by Psy. However, unlike "Christmas Tree", the song did not initially debut at the No. 1 spot.

V has now set more than one Billboard record with "Christmas Tree".

The American music and entertainment magazine also announced that the OST by V had debuted at No. 79 rank on Billboard's Hot 100. The feat made V the third member from BTS, after J-Hope and Suga, to chart a solo song on the Hot 100.

Additionally, "Christmas Tree" was also the United States' top-selling song this week.

As a BTS member, V has also hit No. 1 on Billboard's "Digital Song Sales" chart with nine different songs, the most among groups in the history of the list. With "Christmas Tree", V has now dominated the tally 10 times, which puts the singer in relatively rare company among artists.

The Bangtan Boys has already conquered the roster with "Film Out", "Life Goes On", "Dynamite", "On", "Fake Love", "Idol" with Nicki Minaj, "Permission to Dance", "Butter", and "My Universe" with Coldplay.