BTS is under controversy for overpriced fan merchandise.

On the 2nd, Jin showed off the group's pajamas and pillows as part of HYBE 'Artist Made Collection' through Weverse and even gave fan service through a "home shopping" concept.

Jin stated, "I live my life proudly according to my standards. In times like this, I wear 'Good Day' (patterned) pajamas and pillows and when I want to live life hard I wear 'Bad Day' pajamas."

He expressed great affection for the product stating, "I came up with about 80% of the idea. When I would put on pajamas, I felt they were inconvenient because they had no pockets."

BTS under controversy for
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BTS under controversy for "overpriced" fan pajama merch, Jin speaks out

Shortly after the reveal however, fans expressed shock after they realized the pajamas were priced at 119,000 won with the pillow at 69,000 won.

Fans criticized the collection for being "overpriced" as similar pajamas retail for 12,000 - 24,000 won.

As the controversy grew, Jin wrote on Weverse, "I asked them to use good material for the pajamas but what is that price tag...I'm in shock too."

Meanwhile, Big Hit has yet to address the controversy.

Comments from Korean netizens:

  1. [+849, -9] Hybe, please do your jobs! Stop being so greedy and think about BTS and ARMY for once..
  2. [+451, -9] Si-hyuk-ah, haven't you made enough money? Do it in moderation now or you'll get ruined in one shot!
  3. [+296, -6] Now that Hybe is in bed with huge conglomerates like Naver they feel untouchable and no longer need to listen to anyone. What's the point of running such a huge company if you're going to ruin BTS with your greed? The company is so terrible at their jobs now than when they were just Big Hit.
  4. [+176, -15] Even if you take into account BTS brand value, it should be under 50,000 won.
  5. [+73, -9] Hybe no longer thinks of their domestic fans. They're taking us for fools.
  6. [+52, -1] It's never BTS but their agency that causes the scandals. It's Big Hit that has lost its roots. The members are still the same as they always were.
  7. [+38, -2] BTS members are so kind but its their so-called CEO who's the greedy ba$tard..
  8. [+24, -1] Bang Si-hyuk made a mistake in judgement and should've just stayed as a music label. He expanded the company too big too fast beyond his control. BTS got so much criticism when Big Hit was just a small agency but overcame that adversity because of their fans who supported them. But there's no longer any real communication with the fans anymore. All they do is sell overpriced merch to fans on V lives. Is the end of capitalism always money?
  9. [+19, -0] Hybe is too greedy now. Please ship out products we bought first before selling more! If you order a product, you have to wait months for it to arrive. Who even knows when these will get shipped out? Instead of milking the members, focus on improving the wait times first!
  10. [+18, -0] What's the point of them going public if all that money goes back to the company's pockets and not the members? We don't really know how the members themselves are feeling over this but I hope they don't renew with this sh** agency when their contracts expire.