Online communities and social media platforms were recently rife with rumors that BTS's Jungkook and South Korean actress Lee Yoo Bi are in a relationship.

The rumors rose after a YouTuber had recently posted content about the K-pop stars, specifically mentioning that Jungkook and Lee Yoo Bi are dating.

As per the video, Lee Yoo Bi is a Jungkook fan, and apparently, she did an act of "lovestagram" by putting up Instagram posts of purple hearts and other duplicate items.

Moreover, the two celebrities reportedly were wearing matching clothes and bracelets, and that Junkook is a fit for Lee Yoo Bin's description of her perfect man, who is a manly man with pretty eyes.

Simultaneously, the YouTuber pointed out that the younger sister of Lee Yoo Bi and Jungkook's older brother follow one another on social media.

Now, Y-Bloom Entertainment, which is the agency of Lee Yoo Bi, has said that it is a groundless rumor. Jungkook and Lee Yoo Bi's dating news makes no sense, as they don't know each other and have never met.

The agency also added that Lee Yoo Bi used to know Suga, however, that was many years ago, and they don't even know if the two celebrities are in touch right now.

An insider from Y-Bloom Entertainment also added that the actress just laughed when asked about the dating rumors. She laughed because the entire dating rumor was so obviously false.

At the same time, Jungkook's talent management company Big Hit Music stated that it is not true that Jungkook and Lee Yoo Bi are dating. The company will also take regular legal action against false information and malicious posts related to BTS.

Big Hit Music stated that the YouTuber exceeded the accepted and reasonable boundaries of personal commentary and expression. The agency added they routinely monitor message boards and social media for posts about its artists that include ill-intentioned criticism, personal attacks, and the spreading of groundless information.

Incidentally, the source of rumors turned out to be the very same YouTuber who BTS's V had personally warned to sue about a week ago for spreading rumors about K-pop stars.

Earlier in November, the YouTuber in question had claimed that Jimin and Jeong Ye In of Lovelyz were dating. The person also said that V was apparently in a relationship with the daughter of a 'chaebol' (big industrialist family).