Shocking recordings and texts of Han Seo-hee have been revealed in court.

On the 5th, Yang Hyun Suk attended his first trial over allegations that he blackmailed and threatened an informant A (Han Seo-hee) with death over iKON B.I's alleged drug scandal.

A police officer, Choi, appeared as a witness at the first trial against Yang Hyun Suk. Choi investigated Han Seo-hee's drug allegations in August 2016. He revealed, "Han Seo-hee said that she received a warning from YG that she would not be able to set foot in Korea. I arrested Han Seo-hee at her residence on charges of possession and smoking of marijuana at the time. I was able to persuade her to cooperate with investigations of YG's B.I (Kim Hanbin, 25)."

Choi explained, "Han Seo-hee's arrest warrant was rejected by the prosecutor. The reason for that was Han Seo-hee was cooperating with the investigation of idols who had purchased drugs from her so the prosecutor suggested the investigation is conducted without detention. She was offered "pleasant terms" to lower her sentence and in return her arrest warrant was dismissed and she was released."

"Han Seo-hee said she received a stern warning from YG officials after she was caught dealing drugs to YG idols. She said they warned her "she wouldn't be able to set foot in Korea if she was caught again."

A transcript of a phone call between Han Seo-hee and officer Choi in 2019 was also revealed in court. According to the transcripts, Choi persuaded Han Seo-hee to interview with a media outlet.

Choi added, "At the time Han Seo-hee said, "I would've shut my mouth if Yang Hyun Suk gave me 500 million won. I hate him. I'm going to ruin YG and Yang Hyun Suk."

Text messages between Han Seo-hee, B.I and WINNER's Seung-hoon were also revealed. However, Yang Hyun Suk did not agree with the evidence and denied all the claims asserting his innocence.

Yang Hyun Suk's lawyer stated, "It's true he met with Han Seo-hee at his office at YG however he never threatened or coerced her to make false statements."

When the presiding judged asked Yang Hyun Suk whether he was in agreement with his lawyer, he answered briefly saying, "yes."

SR: Daily Naver Blog