Actor Kim Seon-ho's ex-girlfriend A has posted a heartfelt message over his 'abortion' scandal.

On the 20th, A wrote an additional post on Pann and stated, "I'm sorry that my writing caused unintentional damage to many people. There was a time when him and I truly loved each other so I don't feel right seeing collapse in instant due to my radical writing."

She added, "I hope that false information will no longer be circulated or that my or his story will no longer be reproduced. My heart is heavy because I think this incident has caused a lot of damage to many people. This article will be taken down soon."

Meanwhile, A is reportedly an ex-broadcaster turned influencer who owns a commerce business.

The original Pann article exposing Kim Seon-ho's gaslighting has since been deleted.

  1. [+7,525, -277] I'm glad this didn't turn into a messy dog fight and ended quietly...but a misunderstanding? It hurts you to see him collapse..? You're the one that turned him into a trash so easily...why didn't you resolve it between you if that's really how you felt? Why make so much noise?
  2. [+4,655, -249] She's seriously a psychopath. If that's really how you felt you should've resolved it sooner than later among yourselves. Why expose everything and turn him into a trash and ruin the career of someone that isn't even your ex-husband but an ex-boyfriend? And now asking people to stop because you got your apology?? If an apology is all you wanted you should've been more cautious about what you exposed. You make me sick!
  3. [+2,494, -106] Come on now...a misunderstanding? You took a person's life and got him exiled off society and caused them to hit rock bottom. Were you on something when you were pregnant??! What are you...a psycho?
  4. [+1,744, -64] Only now she's saying this? But as the saying goes, if you want to bury someone else in a coffin you have to prepare your own too... are you comfortable with yourself right now?
  5. [+1,737, -91] You literally buried him alive and now saying this...
  6. [+913, -26] I thought she was a naive and oblivious young woman that couldn't distinguish things properly but she's older than him and a divorcee to boot? Isn't she ashamed to blame this all on him when she chose not to use birth control on her own too? You threw him out to the public to get ripped apart but now that your own identity is on the chopping block you're running scared and asking people to stop..?
  7. [+827, -17] She's seriously making me curse her with nasty things. Just be honest and admit that you fully intended to crush him and you're relieved now that it happened. What is this? You wrote that post and exposed him to that extent fully knowing he'll get buried and exiled off society for it and now what, you feel guilty? Ridiculous.
  8. [+593, -24] Hey!! You Choi ahjumma b****. You're the one that met another man and invited him over to your husband's home and hurt him to the point that he divorced you after 17 days of marriage. And you dare to cosplay as a victim!!? Kim Seon-ho fell to rock bottom just like how you wanted!! His character has been dirtied to the point of no return!! What did you think would happen?! And you're upset? Would you be happy if your life and career was taken from you and you're cursed with malicious comments?! If that's how you really felt then you should've resolved it between you two or through the agency!!! Do you know how many victims you caused?! Are you really a 37 yr old adult with any mentals??!

Source: Daily Naver Blog