Kim Seon-ho is under more controversy after revelations that he forced his ex-gf to abort his child. 

Amid his 'abortion' scandal, the actor's past remarks in an interview after appearing in the play 'Voice of Millenium' in 2016 is catching attention. Kim Seon-ho revealed at the time, "I was a naughty person in middle and high school. I ruined two academies."

He stated, "At that time, tutoring was illegal but I was getting tutored at an art academy. But because I didn't want to go to class, I blocked the door and teacher had to jump off the 2nd floor. There were 30 sticks on roof of another house. I got hit a lot. In the end I reported the academy for illegal tutoring."

Meanwhile, Kim Seon-ho is currently under controversy after apologizing to his ex-girlfriend A for his "thoughtless" actions after it was revealed that he gaslighted and forced her to abort his child. 

  1. [+9,681, -248] What kind of person casually reveals in an interview that they personally ruined two academies in middle and high school and made their own teacher jump off the second floor? This honestly makes me question who he is as a human being...
  2. [+3,373, -73] Whatever life you choose, you have to be prepared to take responsibility for the consequences. Kim Seon-ho is reaping what he sowed. 
  3. [+2,483, -96] His scandal wouldn't have gotten to this level if he was just a nugu C-list celebrity somewhere. He's someone that wasn't fit for his level of fame and got too famous too fast. Crawl back to where you belong!
  4. [+1,532, -77] Looks like all trash kids with shitty personalities decided to join the entertainment industry! I seriously hate to see these ba$tards with their hypocritical images!! Stop coming out! I can't stand it anymore. It makes me sick!
  5. [+1,364, -44] As soon as he shot up to fame he got dragged to rock bottomㅋㅋㅋ
  6. [+474, -9] It's amazing that he made his own teacher jump off the 2nd floor. If he really meant this as a joke wouldn't he have opened it at the end..? This was no joke. 
  7. [+330, -10] His ab*rtion scandal aside...I'm more shocked he did an interview like that about his academy days? It might've been a joke to him but can you imagine how terrified and desperate that teacher must've felt? Kim Seon-ho is a psychopath! 
  8. [+324, -16] Looking back, I think Chen is a better person that this trash ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Chen might've disappointed fans with his premarital baby but he took responsibility to the end. 
  9. [+109, -8] Whether she had a weak uterus or not, he forced her to ab*rt his own child even after she clearly told him it would be her last chance to conceive a baby. Despite all that, he still insisted on having sex to "do it inside" to satisfy his urges  
  10. [+89, -2] This is why you should never judge celebrities by their faces...

SR: Daily Naver Blog