Itzy's Lia's accuser has come forward stating that JYP is not re-investigating bullying accusations.

On the 28th, a netizen posted on Pann and shared a post written by Itzy Lia's accuser B. Back in February, B had posted claiming to be a victim on school violence and stated that a "famous idol born in 2000 had borrowed money without returning it, spoke badly of her to other students and made her and other outcasts for no reason."

Later, JYP filed defamation suit but B was found "not guilty" of defamation after investigations. Police stated, "there was insufficient evidence to prove claims made in the post were false." JYP also retorted to B's acquittal and stated that "its difficult to accept the results and will decide how to respond."

On the 28th, B wrote another post on an online community writing, "I wasn't acquainted with the first accuser A but we got to know each other through recent events and stayed in contact. During investigations, I was advised to gather witness testimonies from former classmates and friends and submit them. I was able to receive testimonies from another victim who was also a friend and another friend that was present during the incidents. I submitted the testimonies and was cleared of defamation by police. I received a letter in the mail declaring I was found "not guilty."

"On June 17th, A contacted police and was told JYP has yet to file any requests to re-investigate the bullying claims. On June 16th, I received a call from a former classmate who told me that Itzy's manager is trying to contact former classmates who graduated from same middle school. Lia's cousin that went to the same school is also contacting former classmates about it. I talked to another friend who reached out to JYP and talked to their reps."

"On June 18th, A received word that Lia's reps requested to meet both of us but A refused to meet up unless Lia was present. Three days later, JYP's Vice Chief also reached out to me and A again asking t meet but refused our requests to meet Lia in person."

"A has since avoided contacting JYP again because its stressful and futile to negotiate with their legal team. I'm writing this after receiving permission from A because I'm having extreme anxiety and stress since this issue isn't resolved."

Comments from Korean netizens:

  1. [+710, -14] Ah, the victim is too pitiful. She was acquitted after collecting affidavits and testimonies from friends to prove the bullying claims but fans are cursing them instead...
  2. [+702, -16] It's starting to look like its true ㅋㅋ. There are sparks at JYP's feet right now. They've even got the Vice Chief making callsㅋ.
  3. [+701, -42] JYP is like a choding grabbing onto Itzy's ankles in all sorts of ways
  4. [+293, -7] I'm writing here because I was in shock. The day the school violence accusations broke out she went on Bubble like nothing happened...she's seriously daebak
  5. [+255, -3] Wow, didn't even ask for a re-investigations...probably because they've decided to shut their mouths ㄷㄷㄷ..
  6. [+244, -12] Don't Itzy fans have a conscience? They're cursing the victims and keep accusing ○○ of writing a drama on her own...
  7. [+237, -7] And to think her mother was chairperson of hakpok committee? I'm seriously getting goosebumps that she's going this far with her pretense and coming out with a smile on her face..
  8. [+225, -5] What's really sad about this is in the past, when a trainee or one of their idols got into any character controversies or school bullying scandals, JYP was so quick to cut them out like a knife. Now that Itzy and Stray Kids are their representative idols, they're letting them promote like nothing happened. What a load of bull****
  9. [+184, -8] I better not see JYP claim anything about personality from now onㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. They pretended to be so clean but are going this far treating the public like fools. Disgusting!

SR: Daily Naver Blog