The 33-year-old singer, actor, host, and TV personality, Lee Seung Gi, shares his sentiment and views towards his rollercoaster-like career and individuals who motivated him to be someone he is now.

Lee Seung Gi is a multi-talented artist to earned his spot in the South Korean entertainment industry through his remarkable talent and portrayal in various films and series. He is responsible for the hit tracks, "Return," "Will You Marry Me," and "Because You're My Woman." He also played multiple roles in "Vagabond," "Gu Family Book," and "A Korean Odyssey."

At the moment, the South Korean actor stars in tvN's "Hometown Flex" with Cha Tae Hyun, and his recent promotion is in the Netflix produced travel show, "Twogether," with Jasper Liu.

In-Job With Twogether

The Korean travel show, "Twogether," has been listed in Netlifx's top ten, a week after its air debut, receiving many praises and attention to viewers

globally. "I am grateful that it was liked in many countries, including

Asia," the actor said, then added that he wants to do the show again if

given a chance.

Per Hellokpop, his hosting duo with Jasper Liu has made him more responsible, considering he has to take charge of Lui as he has more of the experience.

Lee Seung Gi shared the communication barrier between Liu and him, as Liu doesn't speak Korean. However, the gap was filled by the duo's dedication and passion for producing the best craft.

Per Philstar, Lee Seung Gi is named as Asia's Triple Threat Entertainer.

Leu Seung Gi Over The Years

Throughout his career, Lee Seung Gi has met and interacted with numerous agencies and work pals. And as a multi-talented artist, he sees challenges as a motivation to do best in his ventures. Even with his success in the entertainment industry, Lee Seung Gi doesn't want to stop learning and acquiring new skills.

"It seems that there is a sense of achievement only if you overcome a certain goal," he mentioned.