Vagabond is an action spy series streamed on Netflix across the globe and on SBS' channel in South Korea. The heart-thumping series is directed by Baeksang Arts Award For Best TV Director awardee, Yoo In-Sik. 


The first season of Vagabond tells the story of revenge, and the injustice during a terrorist attack that caused a plane crash in Morocco. The plane crash took almost all the passengers' lives, including the lead actor's (Cha Dal-gun) nephew.


Despite the uncertainty of the productions in producing a series that offers various genres, the success of Vagabond led to the hit-series in taking home a handful of awards and recognitions, including the famous SBS Drams Awards. The suspense drama also garnered the fans' praise across the globe and especially a high review rating from movie/series critics.


However, due to Vagabond's finale episode's cliff-hanger ending, many of the fans concluded that the hit-series would be renowned for its second season. Here are the needed details you need to know.


The first season of Vagabond aired in September 2019 and ended on November 23, 2019. And so far, Netflix or SBS hasn't released updates for the hit-series second season, such as teasers, press releases, and social media posts. Per Thebuzzpaper, Netflix usually announces the renewal of a series a month or two after seeing its performance rating in the streaming charts, but until now, Netflix hasn't released such.


Vagabond Season 2 Cancelled


Per Omfut, there is still no official updates of the hit-series second season or cancellation. One of the series' creators said the series is created to have a second season, but at the time being, the said season is still unsure and is currently being "assessed."


The comeback of Vagabond's season 1 cast is also not yet sure, but the series' makers assured the fans that the second season would not dismay the long wait.


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