Various headlines emerge with Representative Ryu Ho Jung from The Justice Party as she releases her statements regarding BTS Jungkook's tattoos. Her statements were made during the plenary session of the National Assembly, donning a short pink one-piece dress.

Also, Ryu Ho Jung graced the parliamentary audit while putting on a helmet and work clothes, where many criticize her for the choice of apparels.

Recently, the representative yet again made another statement, attacking the world's most phenomenal K-pop group. Here's what happened.

Ryu Ho Jung versus BTS's tattoos

The representative chose BTS Jungkook's photos as the cover image of her social media post, announcing the drafting of the Tattoo Act. And in just a matter of time, the post became viral, leading for ARMYs to backlash against her, saying it is unethical for her to attack BTS in a foundation-less manner.

According to Allkpop, the politician yet again expressed another statement on June 8 (Tuesday) via a lengthy article with a statement that reads: "Take the bandages off BTS!"

She then continued: "Have you ever seen bandages and Band-Aids on your favorite celebrity's body? This hideous sight, which is often seen on our Korean broadcasts, is made by the station's rules to hide tattoos."

ARMYs response to Ryu Ho Jung

Contrary to Ryu Ho Jung's article, ARMYs requested the representative to remove BTS Jungkook's photos as her criticism for the band is subjective.

ARMYs said that it is only not Jungkook in the industry that has tattoos, and why is it his photo is being used as an example.

Furthermore, ARMYs claims that the representative is only using BTS to grab public attention. Many support her bill but using Jungkook as the image for the Tattoo Act is not pleasing to see and knowing that she is gaining popularity over the matter is unacceptable.

Check out the post here.