JTBC's romance drama 'Monthly House' reveals its first look at Jung So Min's character.

'Monthly House' is a drama that follows the story of Na Young Won, played by Jung So Min, who thinks that houses are for living and on the contrast is Yoo Ja Sung, played by Kim Ji Suk, who feels that homes are for buying.

The character of Jung So Min as Na Young Won is an average office worker in her 10th year as a lifestyle magazine editor. Even though she has been high rent rates for over ten years now, and sees her home as a place full of emotions.

The newly released still shows Na Young Won's work and her private life. Having worked as an editor takes too much time and focus on her duties. Her sleeves are rolled up while she prepares some props for filming.

However, Na Young Won is looking wholly relaxed and loose at home. Her hair is in a bun, and wearing a comfortable hoodie. Her face seems glowing with a bright smile as she enjoys her rooftop home with a pretty view.

The production also explained Jung So Min's character that Na Young Won is an office worker who works to the bones to keep afloat and make ends meet. She loves her job as an editor more than anyone and anything else.

Having a charming character who is emotional rather than calculative is a pretty challenging role for the actress. The synchronization of Na Young Won and Jung So Min is the perfect combination.

Jung So Min became Na Young Won in character with her lovely and cheerful charm as she pays attention even to the smallest of details, making sure everything is perfect. The production team also wanted the viewers to look forward to the premiere, where they will meet the lovely character.