Mnet's Kingdom: Legendary War is currently airing and it was reported that a dancer who is backing up the participating teams tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, everyone on the set needs to undergo testing for coronavirus. 

Mnet, the South Korean pay television music channel owned by CJ E&M, told Newsen that one of the dancers who participated in the show recording on May 4 was diagnosed with COVID-19. It is now taking measures to prevent the spread of the highly infectious disease and protect the staff and idols as well.  

It was said that the dancer performed with iKON, SF9, and The Boyz in their collaboration stage, and two days after, on May 6, his test result for COVID-19 turned out positive. Mnet was informed about this and it immediately ordered everyone on the set including the staff members of each team and production crew who came in close contact with the dancer to get tested. 

Mnet added that although the Stray Kids, BTOB, and ATEEZ did not perform with the infected dancer, they will be tested too, just to make sure that they are safe. 

"An epidemiologic investigation is currently being carried out," Mnet said. "As we receive the results and guidelines, we will diligently adhere to them and cooperate." 

At any rate, it seems that filming for Kingdom: Legendary War is not affected and it will go as scheduled. In fact, the show just released a preview of the next episode and revealed voting results for round 2 plus the groups' vote for the best-looking candidate during the program's Sports Day event. 

As per Soompi, the upcoming episode will show ATEEZ picking Stray Kids and BTOB as the groups it wants to team up with. Its choice automatically formed iKON, SF9, and The Boyz as the other team. 

Prior to the start of the third round of competition, the participants were given a short break from the regular routine. Taking some time out from practice and stage performances, all the six teams got to bond, relax and have a good time through the sports day that the program organized. 

To add more fun, the idols were asked to vote for someone they think is the best-looking one. They can vote for themselves too but in the end, BTOB's Minhyuk got the most votes and was awarded with the "visual king" sash.

Meanwhile, the overall results for round 2 are ATEEZ (expert panel evaluations), SF9 and BTOB (competing groups), Stray Kids (video views count) and the JYP team also topped the domestic and global fans voting.