It was in 2017 that singer Lee Ji Hoon revealed that he is in a serious relationship. Now, the 43-year-old debonair is reportedly be marrying this fall!

Lee Ji Hoon: 'I Am Meeting Her Seriously With The Intent Of Marriage"

Sometime three years ago, the then MBC variety show "Radio Star," Lee Ji Hoon was asked if he has a girlfriend. He answered affirmatively, saying that he has been meeting a special someone for about a year already. And since she is a Korean American, they tend to talk on the phone for around two to three hours since he sometimes needs to explain what he meant in words.

Regarding his friends' response to his relationship, he answered that they think he will get married soon. "I am meeting her seriously with the intent of marriage," he revealed.

Is Lee Ji Hoon Marrying This Fall?

Per reports, the 43-year-old actor and singer is currently planning to marry a non-celebrity woman younger than him. The couple is keeping the COVID-19 pandemic in mind though the wedding ceremony is scheduled for October. 

Furthermore, when it came to her family, insiders shared that Lee Ji Hoon fell for his fiancee's bright and considerate personality as well as her thoughtfulness.

Lee Ji Hoon has recently starred in musicals titled Elisabeth, The Light Sonata, and X Caliber. He's also expected to release a new album in June. 

In a report by Blend of Asians, the singer revealed, when asked about his bride, saying that self-centered person. "First of all, thoughtful consideration is a big advantage, and I am not self-centered. Above all, she has a pretty heart to think about others first. And a wise person who fills in my shortcomings points out what is wrong, and suggests solutions. I fell in love with her appearance and decided to get married."

Best wishes to Lee Ji Hoon and the lucky bride-to-be!