Jin is one of the hunkiest and fittest BTS members, so fans surely wonder the secret behind his good looks. Sure, the 28-year-old singer follows a rigorous workout and strict diet to keep his physique in perfect shape.

In a live broadcast, Jin shared his thoughts about diet and what eating salad had to do with it. Would you believe the BTS songwriter didn't think it could help people lose weight?

Jin's Diet Beliefs

Jin didn't believe that eating a salad could help in losing weight. While in a talk with Jimin and RM, he said even the biggest animal on earth, the elephant, was heavy from eating vegetables.

According to Koreaboo, he stressed people could gain weight from vegetables alone, too. So, everyone should follow a balanced diet to shed off the pounds.

When Jimin said he couldn't believe what Jin was saying, the latter once again insisted they couldn't lose weight by just eating salad. RM then joined the discussion, explaining what Jin was trying to say.

He said Jin meant they could lose more weight than opting for non-salad foods. BTS Jin then laughed and agreed.

Jin's Diet

BTS Bomb noted Jin lost seven kilograms by eating only two packs of chicken breasts every day for a year. With the tons of chicken he consumed, he revealed he was already sick of it.

A doctor advised Jin to take vitamins while losing weight to have other nutrients, but he wanted to lose more weight. He then suffered from malnutrition due to his extreme diet.

Fortunately, he had stopped this and started following a balanced diet composed of lean protein and low carbs, per Health Yogi.

Jin's Workout and Exercise

Of course, Jin's perfect look and physique can't be achieved if he doesn't follow a good workout and exercise. So, what does he do?

CheatSheet cited an old YouTube video where Jin and Jungkook worked out. Here, they did push-ups together and a few squats. Jimin and J-Hope were also in the clip, though they were resting in the background.

Aside from Jin, it has been Jungkook's usual practice to share workout videos of himself on his social media pages, and it can quickly gain millions of likes.

BTS doesn't only work out in the gym or their homes. They do it whenever they want to, even in behind the camera of Run BTS Episode 70.

Jin and the rest of the guys exercised together at their rental house in Canada at the time. As expected, Jungkook took the lead.

Do you believe Jin's thoughts about salads? Share your comments below. (Business Times)