Buckle up, fans! Your favorite might be on the list!

Bits of the 'Korea Music Awards 2021'

The forthcoming awarding ceremony of the Korea Music Awards 2021 names this year's nominees.

From its four main categories to its genre categories, the artists named are tagged by the award-giving body as the worthy ones to cross its swords for the title.

The upcoming awards show is the 18th event of the famous Korean music awards, marking its 2021 entry to its annual show.

Furthermore, the Korea Music Awards 2021 is hosted and organized by the Korea Popular Music Awards Selection Committee. It is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Creative Content Agency, and Nodeul Island.

The announcement of nominees was made by the official Twitter account of the Korean Popular Music Awards Ceremony and is listed on its official website. Also, the list was made available to the public on January 26 (Tuesday).

'Korea Music Awards 2021': categories and nominees

According to Allkpop, the event is comprised of four main categories, such as the Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and Artist of the Year.

There are also 18 genre categories, with each of the said category hailing a song and album winner. Added by the organizing committee are two special awards, handpicked by the selection board.

Main Category Nominees

Nominees for Artist of the Year

BTS, Baek Ye Rin, Sunwoo Junga, LEENALCHI, Jung Milla

Nominees for Album of the Year

BTS, Baek Ye Rin, Sunwoo Junga, LEENALCHI, Jung Milla, Jo Dong Ik

Nominees for Song of the Year

BTS, Baek Ye Rin, Sunwoo Junga, LEENALCHI, Zico

Nominees for Rookie of the Year

Meaningful Stone, Doo-Uk-Si-Ni, DeVita, Seo Bo Kyung, Squash Vines

For the full list of nominees, visit koreanmusicawards.

Meanwhile, the award result and the official awarding ceremony will occur this coming February 28 (Sunday) at 5 PM.