The Seoul Design Foundation's recent series on YouTube titled My Signature has chosen EXO's Kai to be their first guest to discuss his album and performance. The said foundation is well-known for implementing various projects to promote Seoul's design industry and spread the design culture. 

On November 10 last year, EXO blew up social media channels to announce that Kai is officially launching his first solo mini-album titled KAI (开). The eponymous record was then released on November 30, containing a total of six tracks. 

The debut album of Kai has then broken numerous records worldwide, and his multiple fancams and the unique visual film are still the trending topics in the k-industry. Even various international celebrities showed their love for Kai's extraordinary album as they groove to Mmmh.

The Concept King

For perfectly showcasing unique concepts, Kai became widely known as the concept king. He is also known for executing performances with genuine emotions and expressions. 

Kai truly lived up to his title, from the concept teasers of his self-titled debut album to the visual film, which presents a storyline through various excerpts of his songs. And with the Seoul Design Foundation choosing him as their first guest and introducing him as the Concept Expert Kai in their YouTube series is not surprising.

Kai Talking About Self Satisfaction And More

Furthermore, Kai talked about his thoughts and ideas behind his album and performances in My Signature's first episode. He discussed the significance of happiness in life and the importance of self-satisfaction to work harder. 

Kai deeply introspected the connection of his efforts to feel happy in life to his career. He also expressed his dearest fans' feelings apart from his music and became more critical with each new experience of his life as an idol.  

Also, what made him realize more about the global popularity of K-pop is the existence of international fans. For Kai, the two greatest motivations are his lovely fans and self-satisfaction.