The South Korean music television program under SBS MTV, The Show, announces changes on its criteria. That said, the program will be removing the pre-voting from the winning bars, leading many to express their opinion on the matter.

The Show will remove the pre-voting score to the total winning criteria

The announcement of The Show comes in handy on January 18 (Monday) on its official website. The message says that they will be changing the voting system and scoring in calculating the winner.

With that said, according to Soompi, the pre-voting score will now count for 85 percent of the overall score.

It will then consist of 20 percent music video views, 40 percent digital sales, 15 percent broadcast score, and 10 percent album sales. The remaining 15 percent of the overall score will go to the live text message votes.

The aspect that was added is the live test message votes. Previously, the SBS MTV program did not include the said criteria, as it already counts 90 percent of the total winning score.

The 90 percent comprises 10 percent album sales, 40 percent digital sales, 15 percent broadcast score, 20 percent music video views, and 5 percent pre-voting via the Star Play application. The voting done in the said application counts 10 percent of the overall winning score.

The Show issues clarification after numerous netizens negatively reacted

Allkpop shared a few of the netizens who expressed their dismay towards the sudden change. Most comments came from the social media platform Twitter, saying the program should not remove the pre-vote and live vote.

Another netizen blurted out that the sudden change does not make sense, considering K-pop is becoming global.

In response to all comments, a representative from The Show came out to set things clear. The source said, "To further improve communication with global fans, we are in the process of reorganizing the app votes."

The source then added, "We are not completely eliminating it. We will resume global fan voting once the reorganization is complete."